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Ambi Pack gives your cosmetics and personal care products the packaging they deserve. We assume your perspective in picking the packaging that makes the kind of impression you’re looking for, this is how we allow your products to shine. 

Types of packaging for cosmetics

In Ambi Pack, you have one single partner who will package your cosmetics exactly to your requirements. You will benefit from our many years of experience in the cosmetics industry. We know what has caught on in the market and thanks to our excellent relations with various packaging material suppliers, we are able to procure material at competitive prices.

We specialise in sachets, magazine sachets and stick packs for different cosmetics, ranging from sun cream and shower products to face masks.

Did you know that we also contract manufacture and package medical devices? Read more >

    Contact us!

    In 6 steps your cosmetics packaged


    Your request

    We will deal with your request immediately. After an initial response within one working day, you will receive an offer as soon as possible.


    Working in close partnership with you, we will develop the kind of packaging that will really make your product stand out.


    Thanks to our size and market position, we are able to procure packaging materials at competitive prices. You supply the cosmetics in bulk.


    Using our proprietary machines, we will fill your cosmetics in e.g. sachets or stick packs.


    We can also pack the sachets or stick packs in consumer boxes or display boxes for you.


    We will prepare batches for shipping and deliver them to your chosen location.

    Want to learn more about our production process? Contact our specialists

    This much is sure: ISO 13485 & FSSC 22000

    The care and attention you put into making your cosmetics is reflected in our way of working. We are ISO 13485-certified, which authorises us to contract manufacture and package medical devices. This strict quality standard is your guarantee that you can rely on a meticulous, safe, and high-quality production process. For the packaging of cosmetic food supplements (so-called nutricosmetics), our FSSC 22000 certificate is also a key quality guarantee. FSSC 22000 is the internationally recognised food safety standard and we comply with all the requirements of this standard.